Weekly Highlights

  • Sizzy.co: See your mobile website on different devices
  • Scrimba: Interactive screencasts
  • Pingy CLI: No-config build tool

Sizzy.co: visual tests for your responsive website on mainstream mobile devices


Sizzy.co is a simple online tool who can render a website with different resolutions/aspect ratio based on the mainstream mobile devices. You can then spot in one single page visual inconsistencies:

Scrimba: Interactive screencasts for frontend developers


Scrimba helps you record the “script” of your frontend coding session and share it online. There is a catch: instead of recording videos, it’s the “script” of your html/js/css coding session that is saved so that users can stop and edit your code at any time and see the result in realtime in a fake little browser div.

You will find here a demo of the tool, by it’s creator Per Harald Borgen

Pingy CLI: develop simple websites without messing with grunt/gulp files


Pingy CLI is a simple command line tool that let’s you start a frontend project without using building tools like grunt/gulp and their (sometimes) complex configuration files. After a very few simple questions (style preprocessor ? file structure ? spaces or tabs ?) it generates a .pingy.json that is used for usual usecases: live reload, styles preprocessing, source maps, minification etc.

Here is an example for this Pingy CLI workflow in action.